Photo by blgrssby via Flicker CC
Photo by blgrssby via Flicker CC

Does the old, white, wooden slat swing creak with such grace and soothing rhythm as it did when we were young?

How many times we spent on that swing, “Pump! Pump! Pump!”

Legs that could not quite touch down tried to escape the cold cement making the chains bounce back on each other with such force.

We never did get our “plane” to fly though, but why did we want to leave that solid, safe ground?

We were the three amigos, Yelly Kelly, Silly Sally and Jeanie Beanie.

One’s at college, the other one on her way, and the other, who knows?

And that old swing far away moves only a little with the wind.

– Jean Davis Brosnan, 1995

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  1. Grandmother always hoped there would be a writer in the family. Thank goodness she got her wish.

  2. Jimmy Harrell


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