Editor’s Note: We are excited to introduce an new contributor to PorchScene! Patricia Neely-Dorsey is a native of Mississippi and a poet. Her first submission introduces us to her love of her home state. Ms. Neely-Dorsey has written two collections of poetry. Both of these are available for purchase in our PorchScene store. Welcome to the Porch Patricia! We thank you for joining us and are looking forward to hearing more from you.





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5 thoughts on “My Mississippi by Patricia Neely-Dorsey

  1. Donna Abbott

    Patricia, Your poems are EVERYWHERE!!! I am not familiar with Porchscene but will definitely check it out! LOVE this poem and LOVE my two new Magnolia books! I actually read them on my porch…LOL! Congrats for Porchscene!

  2. Cheryl Henning

    PorchScene is the perfect online venue for you, PND, and you are the perfect author for PorchScene! You were made for each other, with each of you “exploring the culture of the South”!

    1. Thanks so much Cheryl ! I love the site !
      It seeks to Celebrate the South just like me !
      Please stay updated on all of the wonderful stories, pictures , poems and posts!
      Again, Thanks so much !

  3. Patricia you are an extraordinary poet, a true southern belle…thanks for stepping up to be Mississippi’s Goodwill Ambassador!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and stopping by the site !
      Your support is very encouraging and greatly appreciated !

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