800px-Pensacola_FL_Perdido_Key_SP_beach_surf01I was struck by her beauty from the first moment I saw her; my attraction instant and electric. Her magnificent contours, splendid curves, smooth texture all conspired to seduce me and at that point I knew upon my first caress that she would become my mistress.

A gift from my wife for my 28th birthday, as soon as I unwrapped her, struck her steely strings and heard her sing I was hopelessly lost in her charms. Her voice so rich and beautiful; musical phrases magnificent in their eloquent simplicity. I have since seized every possible moment to escape to her peaceful sweet solitude. She has power like no other to channel my spirit and carry me away to a beautiful enchanted musical realm. These wonderful life interludes between my guitar and me now number in the thousands and the songs they have conceived are, to me, like our mystical conversations.

An evening on a beach front balcony, the gentle whisper of the ocean surf and a good cabernet were the perfect catalysts to inspire one such conversation some years ago. Out of infatuation with the creative result of this particular musical tryst, I later recorded the conversation in a friend’s home studio. At the risk of betraying the purity of my guitar mistresses’ message, I embellished the recording with other instruments. My hope was to enhance the listening experience for any stranger in the future who may take a moment and listen. I entitled the song “Perdido”, named after the marvelous place in which it was born.

The conversations continue between my mistress and me. It is my goal for the future to record as many of them as I possibly can, but should I fail; I at the very least swear to her that as long as I am able to embrace her she will never stop singing.

5 thoughts on “Perdido by Chris Hall

  1. Lyla Ellzey

    Perdido, by Chris Hall, is a wondrous story filled with the prose of a poet. His words paint beautiful pictures for the reader. Chris reminds me, with the wording of his prose, of my favorite author, PAT CONROY, who is one of our own, a Southern boy.

    Chris’ music made on that mistress of his that he cuddles and caresses is ethereal. It is music that speaks to our ears and to our hearts. Continue to make your music, Chris, and please continue to bring it to us on PorchScene

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Great music and pics of the beach around Perdido. Good job Chris

  4. Loved all of it!

  5. Fran carpenter

    Lovely sounds and photos

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