Editor’s Note: Johnny Sumrall writes about Mississippi’s Rock-n-Roll history.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI first learned about Fuzzy Buffer when interviewing Gerald “Wolf” Stephenson for my book, Classic Magnolia Rock. Wolf was one of the owners of the then MALACO recording studio located on Northside Drive in Jackson, Mississippi. Wolf and his partner Tommy Couch began recording artists for other recording labels.

It so happened that Will Hegman and Jimmy Wright from Greenville came to Wolf’s nightspot The Zodiac Club located in Mart 51 on Terry Road in Jackson to perform. Will had a dream of being a record producer and songwriter. Jimmy Wright could sing and write songs. They formed a partnership and thus “Fuzzy Buffer” was born.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATheir first record which was recorded at MALACO included the following songs: “Hard Times” and “Lovin’ Eyes”.  They released it on a 45rpm record on the Reject label in 1975; an album followed that same year.

The album was entitled “Copesetic,” which means completely satisfactory. It was recorded in two sleepless days and nights.  One of the songs on the album “Midnight in the Delta” was about the town of Midnight which is located in the Mississippi Delta.  This album featured James K. Wright on guitar and vocals, Vernie Robbins on bass, James Stroud on drums, Carson Whitsett on keyboard, Mickey Davis on fiddle, and Billy Dear on steel. There were minimal sales of the album. Will’s dream of being a successful songwriter and producer and Jimmy’s dream of being a successful songwriter ended with this album. In my humble opinion, it is a great album and it should have been a big hit for them.

MALACO recorded all genres of music and this particular record and album were considered “Country” at the time of their release.


6 thoughts on “Fuzzy Buffer—Man or Group by Johnny W. Sumrall Jr.

  1. Seth WIlliams

    Here is my album cover. Like I said, very rough …


  2. Seth WIlliams

    William Hegman is my cousin though I have not seen or heard from him in countless years. I have the Copesetic Album which I believed until this moment to be the only one still in existence. All my records went down in the Katrina flood in Kiln, Ms. I rescued this one album as unique and not replaceable. The cover is very rough and the record is slightly warped but plays well with only one or two pops and no skips! I listen to it often.

  3. Stephen stoner

    I played with jimmy wright and partied with willie hegman in midnight ms. In a Gada da vida baby. hell yes!!

  4. Any idea where James is today?I knew him when he and his family lived it Midnight, Ms.

    1. PorchScene Staff

      You might want to contact Gerald “Wolf” Stephenson at MALACO Recording studios on North Side Drive in Jackson, MS. If anybody would know he would. That is where I got my information. He was very helpful to me when I wrote my book “Classic Magnolia Rock-History of Original Mississippi Rock and Roll 1953-1970. Thanks for the question. Johnny W. Sumrall Jr.

  5. Lisa W Davis

    Love your stories, Johnny. Your memory is a treasure trove of Mississippi music history!

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