"Flowers" watercolor by Mary Prater
“Flowers” watercolor by Mary Prater

Is it Spring yet? I start asking this question every year around the beginning of February. I am done with Winter, thank you very much. I’m ready to see some flowers, sit on the side porch in the morning and resume my pedicure schedule. Alas, every year I am met with great disappointment. Spring never makes it here early enough, but this year there is a salve to ease Winter’s chafe. This year we get to spend February celebrating our “Labors of Love”.

I am guessing the interpretation of this phrase will differ depending on the individual, but the common thread of “Love” will shine through. The strands of devotion, attention, personal expression and celebration will connect our individual expression, or labor, of love.

"John and Ava" watercolor by Mary Prater
“John and Ava” watercolor by Mary Prater

We will be sharing some great stories about projects that need your support and people with passion for their work. We would also like to invite you to share your “labor of love” with us. Do you have a passion, hobby, art, cause or story you would like to share? It’s easy to contribute. Email your story, photo, song, or video to mary@cap-consult.com and we will include it in this month’s posts.