Photo by Deborah Fagan Carpenter
Photo by Deborah Fagan Carpenter

Those petite, crafty purveyors of fat and sugar have made their annual appearance. Yes, it’s Girl Scout Cookie time. Not only are the enticing little badge wearers situated in front of many grocery stores, catching unsuspecting shoppers at their most venerable and ravenous moments, but there are plans in the making to sell the tasty, addictive treats on line! One may soon be able to purchase Thin Mints from the convenience of a mobile app!!! This year I purchased four boxes via an email communication, mailed a check, and had the cookies delivered right to my door. What a deal!

In an attempt to refrain from eating one sleeve of cookies per half hour, I placed my two boxes of Thin Mints and two boxes of Do Si Dos in the outside freezer. I can now report that Thin Mints are not only just as good frozen, but may be even better!

I visited the Girl Scout site on line and found some interesting frequently asked questions: “What if I’m not satisfied with my cookies?” I’m wondering at what point in the box the purchaser arrived at this complaint. “Why don’t you offer cookies that are whole wheat, wheat free, non-dairy, dairy free, sugar free, casein free, organic, low carb, low calorie, low fat, non-fat, fat free, etc.” SERIOUSLY?

The annual cookie drive is actually loaded with more than just calories. The proceeds remain with the local troops and councils, and provide revenue to fund activities, camps and outings. Additionally, the individual troops often vote to provide assistance to a particular action organization, as was the case with the group from whom I made my recent purchase.

Photo by Deborah Fagan Carpenter
Photo by Deborah Fagan Carpenter

Part of their hard earned profits are donated to Rachel’s Kids, a Memphis organization dedicated to providing opportunities, development, dignity, and improved quality of life for those children who suffer in the inner city neighborhoods of Memphis. Cookies are also shipped overseas to service men and women, and unsold surplus is generally given to local food pantries or other charitable organizations.

So I conclude that eating Girl Scout cookies is a guilt free indulgence that benefits humanity. It is my duty. And not only is it my obligation as an American, but the organization was formed in the southern city of Savannah, so it is also my responsibility as a Southerner. The Girl Scouts of America are committed to making a difference in the world, and the least I can do to help them achieve this goal is to binge on a few boxes of the devilish delights every February.


11 thoughts on “Responsible Binging by Deborah Fagan Carpenter

  1. Mona Sides Smith

    I can report that I did not eat all of the Girl Scout cookies I bought this year. I shared three or four cookies with a visitor.

    1. Such strength and character! You are truly a woman among women!

  2. Karen Ostrea

    Trying my darnedest not to buy those this year but I’m sure at some point I’ll have to break down and get a box of thin mints to hoard away in the freezer! Enjoyed reading your Bing–you are a multi-talented woman!

    1. No! No! Don’t put them in the freezer! They’re too good frozen! Thanks Karen for the nice compliment and for reading Porch Scene.

  3. Fran carpenter

    Love your story – so far I’ve made a wide sweep around the sellers at kroger entrance. Bad week to restart weight watchers!

    1. Indeed it is a terrible time for dieting!

  4. Maggie Watkins

    You’re a good American Deborah and your article made me chuckle!

    1. Hey Maggie, what are a few thousand calories in the name of civic duty! 🙂

    2. Maggie Mahaffy

      Are you from Mc Comb too? Im named after my Grandmother Maggie Watkins.

  5. We look forward selling (and buying!) cookies every year! Each Troop individually chooses what organization they want to donate cookies and funds to. Our Troop voted to give to Rachel’s Kids this year. I’m so happy to be a part of the team!

    1. Thanks to Nora Eikner’s troop for supporting Rachel’s Kids, and thanks for supplying me with breakfast, lunch and dinner for a few days! Love Girl Scout cookies, love YOU!

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