bigbbbqOur regional exploration takes us up U.S 280 toward Birmingham at least twice a month. On the front end of the trip we often stop for an early morning Sausage McMuffin at the Alexander City McDonalds.  After a full day of adventure, we’re usually too tired to think about cooking dinner, so we grab a quick bite somewhere en route.  On several return trips through Alexander City we’ve noticed a sign touting Big  B BBQ, but we had never given it a try.  On our last trip we decided to give it a shot.

Clista is a BBQ sandwich aficionado and loves to have her sandwich soaked in BBQ sauce and piled with slaw.  Her opinion of the sandwich depends as much on the sauce and slaw as it does the pork. At the Big B she pronounced the sauce and slaw to be excellent.  This means that the sauce was not vinegar based and the slaw had more mustard than mayo.  I asked her about the chopped pork shoulder and she replied,

“Oh, that was good too, and the bun was toasted!”

I on the other hand, being a BBQ purist, ordered the BBQ sample plate.  I received three BBQ pork ribs, chopped pork shoulder and sliced pork brisket, all served without sauce.  The ribs were moist, tender and permeated with a distinct smoky flavor.  There is no doubt that I will return to the Big B for their ribs.

The chopped shoulder was again moist and tender and chopped with a generous amount of crispy charred skin, which added to the intense flavorful treat.  Again a keeper.  The sliced brisket might well be the second best that I have ever tasted.  First place is held by Clista’s son Todd, who lives in Virginia, and who prepared his delicious brisket for us during our last visit.  It will be a difficult act to follow, but the Big B came close.

I am really excited to discover a good place to eat in Alexander City and look forward to my next visit.



3 thoughts on “BIG B BBQ in Alexander City, Alabama by Tom Lawrence

  1. Jack Baggette

    Tom, two small chains: named Jim & Nick’s and Sticky Fingers are the best we offer in SC. Later is a Charleston based outfit and has the best sandwiches while J & N has great ribs. Thanks for tips on any good Q location.

    1. PorchScene Staff

      Jim & Nick’s just opened a place here in Auburn, AL. Looking forward to trying it!

  2. The SHED on the MS coast is really really good
    ate there last month

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