19160_FPP_Will_d_Cover_Final_khaki (1)-1will d…a life in science, is the recent publication release from our parent company, Front Porch Press, LLC, and was written by our very own Tom Lawrence. As a scientist, Dr. Carpenter participated in many significant scientific events of the twentieth century. Dr. Carpenter not only headed the team that brought to market two products that revolutionized agriculture worldwide, Lasso and Roundup, but as the U.S. Chemical Industry’s primary representative, he played a significant role in the signing and ratification of the Chemical Weapons Treaty.

We’re going to indulge in a little shameless self-promotion and present a conversational video between Tom and Chip Burson, for his Southern Authors series, Burson on Books. Chip is a writer, editor, story-teller, interviewer, and performance artist, and was anxious to speak with Tom about his latest publication.

For more on the book, will d…a life in science, please visit the website www.willdcarpenter.com. You will find information on how to order this book, as well as, great information about Dr. Carpenter’s life and work.




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  1. According to Paul O’Sullivan, Chief of Staff, Office of the Attorney General of Australia,

    “Dr. Carpenter was central to the international negotiations that produced the Chemical Weapons Convention. I was convinced that the CWC negotiations could never be completed without the direct involvement, advice and support of the chemical industry, but there was no pre-existing international forum that would have permitted that engagement. It was the genius of Will Carpenter to have seen that need and to have devised a national, then an international, solution. Without him we would not have an effective treaty banning chemical weapons today.”

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