Remains of the Day 1

Remains of the Day-2

Remains of the Day-3



4 thoughts on “Snapshots – Remains of the Day by Chip Burson

  1. Beautiful

    1. Chip does do a beautiful job of reflecting on an image, doesn’t he? Thank you Cindy for recognizing that!!

  2. Kathy Martin

    Words placed in the right sequence by the right author with the right insight, life experience, intelligence and grace make my heart sing. Chip Burson, this is a beautiful piece.

    How the mind is able to turn words into a visual moving thing in my brain is a mystery to me. But your words and this piece have done just that. In my mind, you were able to make this woman bittersweet, carefree, angry, sad, mad, insightful and purposeful all at once. I could feel her physical distress, her mind awakening and the dew and grass on the bottoms on my own feet.


  3. Mona Sides Smith

    Very nice word pictures. I enjoyed the images. Good photo, too.

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