As we celebrate our second year anniversary at PorchScene, we want to thank our loyal readers for continuing to support us as we’ve found our footing. We also want to thank the many contributors who have shared their unique voices with us and were willing to put their southern experience on our pages. For those of you who are joining us on the porch for the first time, we welcome you!

Our view from the porch is one of a South that is as diverse as its landscape. We strive to paint a portrait of our southern home through the eyes of our musicians, our artists, our writers, our chefs, our photographers, our entrepreneurs, our professionals, our mechanics, our farmers — all of the people who contribute to our reality with their own unique voices. We want to present our world from every angle.


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We hope you’ll join us for our look at the place we call home. We endeavor to look at our world through many viewpoints, and we want to look at it with clear eyes and honesty. The South is a wonderful community of many different ideas and ideals, and our intention is to describe it from all its many perspectives.

We are informed by our past, but we are not all stuck there. Time stands still; time produces evolution. Some things change; some things don’t. There is progression of thought; there is a mindset that is dug-in to the past. There is widespread acceptance; there is widespread racism. There is overwhelming beauty, and there is heart-wrenching sorrow and ugliness. Similarity and contradiction stand side by side. Sometimes it requires understanding, and sometimes it deserves celebration. We are the sum of all our history and all our progress. We are today’s South.




Streetcar photo: “The St Charles Streetcar,” by hotels.com is licensed under CC By 4.0 — linked to Places I Love on Pinterest | 16 Pins on Google Images

Porch photo: Mary Prater

Louisiana Cottage photo: Deborah Fagan Carpenter