“These days when I think of Christmas at home, I think first of cheese straws and roasted pecans. The pecans are roasted with butter and salt until they are gorgeous and golden with just the right crunch. And by cheese straws, I mean rigid rectangular wafers made of that heavenly combination of cheddar, flour, butter, and red pepper that melts in your mouth and is best made with an old-fashioned cookie press.

There is almost nothing I’d rather eat.”


— Julia Reed, Excerpt from her December, 2001 New York Times Magazine article.




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2 thoughts on “This Week’s Southernism, Tuesday, December 19, 2017

  1. Deborah, I was sure that you wrote this post! It is SO Southern and SO proper Rhodes girls! I’ve already OD’d on pecans…and look forward to sharing some with you soon!

    1. In true southern spirit, I have broken out the cookie press, made the dough, and will attempt to make the proper version of cheese straws tomorrow. As you know from having helped me with the process over 20 years ago, however, working with that press is a “trying” experience.

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